Manicure - Jessica Nail treatment system
Jessica was founded by Jessica Vartoughian in 1969 and was the first nail salon of its kind providing nail care to television and film celebrities. The Jessica philosophy is to recognise the nail type of each individual and to treat each nail with specially formulated products. Both men and women can achieve nail health with the correct nail care and maintenance.

When it come to natural nails, Jessica cosmetics is considered a world leading brand, with a range of Jessica nail products to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails.


File and paint 


Mini manicure

Option one, choose from having your hands soaked with nails and cuticle work carried out finishing with a hand massage. Option 2, cuticles and nails to be tidied and then nails finished off with polish. 




Nails will be soaked followed by the cuticles being pushed back and tidied. The Nails will be cut and filed into desired shape. A relaxing hand and arm massage will be carried out. Finishing with a treatment base coat to treat the individual nail type and finished off with a colour of your choice.



Luxury manicure

 Includes cuticle work, exfoliation, massage of hands and arms. Hands will then be placed in heated mittens to help with aching joints and to aid the absorption of cream. Nails are then filed and painted.



Le Remedi

This hand treatment is designed for those ladies who like to indulge in pure luxury - consisting of a hand cleanse, exfoliation, mask, cuticle work and file of the nails, finishing with hand renew lipsomes.



Zen spa pedicure range offers an effective blend of Asian aquatic plant extracts, antioxidants to restore skins plump youthful appearance and calms sensitive skin.


File and paint



Mini pedicure

Option one, the hard skin will be removed with cuticle work and the nails cut and filed followed by a foot massage. Option two, hard skin or cuticle work will be carried out followed by the nails cut and filed, finished with the nails being painted.



Callus Peel Treatment

The Callus Peel Treatment is great for anyone that has an excess build up of hard skin on the feet. The Callus Peel is applied to the problem areas of the feet allowing easy removal of the hard skin.




Zen Spa Pedicure with Callus Peel

All of the luxury of a pedicure, with the added strength of the Callus Peel for that stubborn hard skin.



Zen Spa Pedicure

 Includes hard skin removal and exfoliation, cutical work, foot and leg massage. Nails are then clipped, filed and painted.



Luxury Pedicure 

Includes hard-skin removal and cuticle work. Exfoliation and massage of feet and legs. A mask will be applied to the feet and placed into heated booties which helps with aching joints and aids the absorption of cream. Nails are then clipped, filed and finished with polish.


GELeration - Soak-Off Gel Polish


The beauty of Jessica, in a gel. With the wealth of the natural nail in mind, GELeration's gel formula delivers a long-lasting, flawless finish that's dry in seconds and protects the natural nail.


GELeration File and Polish


GELeration Manicure


GELeration Le Remedie Manicure


GELeration Luxury Manicure


GELeration Pedicure


GELeration Luxury Pedicure


GELeration Infills


GELeration Removal
£12.00(Only £6.00 when you have a manicure or pedicure to follow)








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